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to go to the united states said it was was to help them get back into china to be a freedom fighter as he wanted or if the conditions of negotiations with chinese government for not to his satisfaction and he was prepared to stay in the embassy and live there or possibly years. >>> the brought his wife to beijing and promised he would be reunited with his family and given a scholarship to attend law school. athematic the embassy. >>> attorneys that is live to be sent back to the village where the two of them had languished under house arrest. he talked of his wife twice. and then made that decision on his own. to come out of the embassy and to rejoin the family. >>> remember asking him in front of many witnesses are you ready to leave is this we want to do? >>> and he sat there and pause for a quiet for several minutes and then to jump up being excited and said let's go. >>> he was reunited this family but also back in a chinese control. apparently decided he would be better off coming to the neda states. the former president bill clinton was in the bay area tonight for the mes
is the number-one killer of men and women in the united states and back with 1100 people die each day from its some of them from a condition known as the widow maker tonight are going to the minnesota woman who has invented what could be the easiest way to spot trouble before it is too late to this cbs station in indianapolis has a story that is truly from harsh. >>> and a rustic retreat at the end of a road outside northfield minnesota is about the last place you would think would be home to a medical breakthrough. >>> but a garage start up is where murray johnson bypasses the business world in pursuit of her life's work rent seven heart attacks. >>> run to reduce the number of widows and widowers and little kids that don't get to grow up with their father and mother. murray has been the last decade developing a hand-held device that can quickly detect heart blockage is accompanying is about to launch fda trials. >>> where we do we have to be consistent bright outlook from an invention born of one of life's darkest moments. >>> murray didn't know it better project began just before she a
. >>> this one 2 d friends united states of america just to avoid syntaxes and we aren't when to let it get away with it. she is co-author the legislation to punish people who give up their citizenship to dodge taxes. the brazilian born sovereign who has lived in singapore since 2009 says the decision it had nothing to do with taxes. in a statement to cbs news says i have paid and will continue to pay any taxes due on everything i learned while a u.s. citizen. well as different story at another silicon valley giant hewlett-packard report say h-p plans to cut as many as 30,000 jobs worldwide it that is about 10 percent of the work force is part of a restructuring plan expected to take at least a year '80 has been hit by declining revenue and profits. >>> kids in the bay area family are devastated at the death of a family dog at the hands of a police officer. a dog that was 11 years old. it happened vallejo his as juliet goodrich tells us the officers as he dealt threatens and opened fire. >>> someone selling sent house and house by gunfire coming from vallejo police officer chased cattle and sh
safe from bullies. >>> i wanted to be forever school the united states is our demands that bullies are arrested in nonsense suspended after tax police parents are identified and then high school starts in the 10th grade to separates younger kids from the older ones and a zero tolerance policy for bullies. >>> snow means no 0 means nine. >>> and others in the can do. because it is a holiday weekend school officials were not available to comment however since the video appeared in the internet to the d.a. has seen the video and will now meet with the family to determine if charges will be filed. in the late l. ron jones for cbs five. >>> the state's job market is finally getting better if you're an adult now for kids as a whole different story the job market for teenagers is expected to be extremely thin this summer share in san explains why it's so tough. >>> teenagers will have a harder time getting summer work in california than anywhere else in the u.s. 18 year-old alex wong has been deployed for his first customer service job. >>> i haven't had any luck with my job yet were
the united states is involved with. remember the computer virus which made the centrifuges used to enrich uranium spin on a control? now their flame in the virus that apparently targets in ron and according to a cyber security company was first discovered the virus it works the first fires. >>> flame is 20 times the size. and essentially turned a person's computer interests by. stealing everything it comes in contact with. >>> plan can get every information it wants relief from keystrokes to taking screen shots off the machine is discovered this a couple weeks ago but has been working its way undetected through hundreds of computers and ron and elsewhere in the middle east for the least two years. to equate the virus which he runs centrifuges was widely believed though never officially confirmed to be the work of the u.s. and israel claim uses some of the same cyber technology. >>> it has all the likelihood that two different teams one team is responsible for the stock set fires and one team responsible for flame had access to some technologies that were unknown to the rest of the worl
and millions of dollars in research and venture- capital available. other parts of the united states can be competitive in a global economy that focus on their assets. the leading cause of a home in san francisco is nearly $800,000. in a college town of them are about 200,000. moving from here to there i have three times the house for 40 percent of the money. >>> the big deal breaker for californians is the whether the average temperature and january's 24 degrees. technology consultant craig is thinking about it. >>> we're california weather wimps. the weather can be challenging but i lived in the chicago area for 22 years. >>> as one does it is said michigan isn't for everyone but neither is in the silicon valley. >>> house some buildings are literally melting things that come near it. love your smart, but he did in this text messages? the three ways you can fight back against the dreaded adds. >>> ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it's the private uc-berkeley. inebriant new multimillion- dollar stadium. but cal has changed its story about how alan martin follows the money. >>> college football c
's the president of the united states been? >>> to me spoke to the legislators they said the talk to you? >>> i respect the committee process. and the committees have their work to do to investigate this. >>> remember that committee process began over a year ago. during that year another of the drug says that the shortage less. she did to soften chemos affects legislation is now cleared a committee that still needs a vote by the full senate. >>> things take a long time and when someone has been a governor in the state's and as congress ask what's going on here? as one of the leaders can you talk to somebody and say move along? >>> i would say this. first of all things can happen. will have on the floor soon to is a step in the right direction but there is no way that i or anyone else, explain the senate. it's been that way for 230 years. >>> california lawmakers toss around a lot of proposals but nothing quite like this one. would you marry me? she said yes. >>> lawmaker lease of watsonville pops the question today on the assembly floor. his bride to be thought she was there to celebrate t
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)

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